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About Our Studio

Flash Back Studio have put their foot in photography 15 years ago with a team of 3 young men who are expert in this field. Now the photographic team is developed with more skilled well trained human resource at Coimbatore. Now the team has grown and such effective persons in the Flash Back Studio have been set the team in the Coimbatore Wedding are celestial and capturing all those candid moments, with all the emotional highs and backstage drama is in vogue.

Whether it’s a touching moment, a beautiful portrait or a breathtaking landscape scene, Athini photos take immense pride in his work. He shoots reportage style photographs that are not only a reminder of your day but also stand alone works of art and will go out of his way to photograph every solitary moment from your wedding day; from your dress and shoes to your table settings and flowers, as well as spending the time to capture spontaneous moments of your wedding guests enjoying the day.

Given the strictly commercial nature of wedding photography it should be impossible to create fine art within this genre. Look through any wedding portfolio by Athini Photos and this given is contested. Not only are the images embedded with all the traditional ingredients of fine reportage photography they carry the conviction of a unique, uncompromising, contemporary vision. Reportage photography is a term many wedding photographers use to describe a tell-it-like-it-is approach but to find an entire body of work that is consistently clear in it’s determination not to make any thing up is rare.


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